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About Eleva Coffee

Eleva Coffee aims to dispel the myth that top-quality, high-social impact coffee has to be expensive.  We offer aficionados an uplifting coffee-drinking experience, and lift up small farming communities along the way.


After 15 years as a coffee executive, I found myself staring at the coffee aisle in the grocery store, thinking “It doesn’t have to be this way.” The shelves seemed to be lined with two types of coffee: expensive brands that focus on helping farmers and promoting sustainability, and affordable brands that aim to give consumers good value.

Having spent most of my adult life trading coffee and working with coffee farmers all over the world, I knew it didn’t have to be an either/or proposition. I wanted to offer coffee drinkers great tasting, farm-to-cup, single-origin coffee at an affordable price, while still helping to radically improve the lives of impoverished farming communities.

At Eleva Coffee, we eliminate the middleman by working directly with farmers, paying them a better wage, helping them increase their productivity, and improving the infrastructure in their communities. Then, we get the coffee to consumers as efficiently and effectively as possible, so that it’s always fresh and always available—that’s why I decided to start Eleva as a direct-delivery service.

We import our coffee directly from origin, craft roast it in New York, ship anywhere in packaging that is biodegradable, and do bicycle drop-offs in New York City to keep our delivery times fast and our carbon footprint low.

Our first three origins are Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Ethiopia, which produce distinct-tasting, spectacular coffees. And our first infrastructure project is a water treatment plant in the Nicaraguan community of Peñas Blancas.


I chose Nicaragua as the site of our kick-off Eleva Initiative project because it’s an origin close to my heart. Born in Nicaragua, I now live with my wife and two children in New York City. By bringing together my two homes, Eleva is allowing me to fulfill my dream. My goal for the company is that it will allow others to fulfill theirs.

Thank you for your interest in our coffee and our mission. Drink Up!  
—Emilio Baltodano

The Eleva Approach

As our commitment to our farmers, Eleva works to uplift the coffee-growing communities through an innovative, three-pronged effort. The combined impact of these efforts can multiply each family’s annual income 3 to 5 times, an increase which will change their lives and help break the cycle of poverty.

1. Price

To ensure our farmers receive fair compensation, we pay them directly—and above market value.

2. Training

We sponsor comprehensive agricultural training programs that empower our farmers to dramatically improve their productivity while still protecting the environment.

3. Infrastructure

In order to improve the standard of living of the entire community, we invest in projects that help bring clean water, better education, and improved health care to the area. Each year we will fund a new Eleva Initiative project within one of our origin communities and track its progress on this site.

Our Commitment to
Coffee Lovers

Eleva will always provide you with the most delicious coffee at the best price, and in the most convenient and sustainable manner, possible.

We use 100% biodegradable packaging—right down to the labels—and deliver our coffee by bicycle where possible, and through the good old United States Postal Service everywhere else. And, of course, our coffee is always farmer-direct, sustainably sourced, and fantastic.

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