Eleva Coffee

Our Farmers

All of our coffee is single-origin and sourced directly from our partner communities in Nicaragua, Guatemala and Ethiopia.

nicaragua landscape illustration
nicaragua - 13°17 N, 85°40 W

Peñas Blancas

With a towering waterfall as its background, the town of Peñas Blancas lies in the cloud forest in the heart of Jinotega, Nicaragua’s coffee country. We’re working with a community of 40 small farmers within this celebrated coffee region. To meet them, check out the stunning landscape, and find out what we plan to accomplish in Peñas Blancas, click here.

ethiopia landscape illustration
ethiopia - 7°57 N, 36°50 E

Kossa Geshe

In the 8th century, coffee was first discovered in the highlands around Jimma, Ethiopia. It’s no coincidence that our partner community, in the town of Kossa Geshe, is located in the very same region. Over 200 farmers live in and around Kossa Geshe, which produces the bold taste that is characteristic of Ethiopian coffee.

guatemala landscape illustration
guatemala - 14°40 N, 90°21 W

Santa Palencia

Our Guatemalan blend gets its distinctive velvety profile from the rich, volcanic soil and high altitude of Palencia. We buy directly from 50 farmers who grow it here, 5,400 feet above sea level.

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